Internet Car Auction Resources – Are These Legitimate Programs?

Becoming a member of an internet car auction resource is a good way to find quality cars at up to 95% off retail value. There are many internet car auction resources available that many people use to save time and money when looking for a new or almost new vehicle.

These resources provide both online and offline government auctions that auction off pre-owned and seized vehicles. These vehicles are seized by many different government agencies every month. And by the laws set by the government, they can be sold up to 95% off retail. The government’s main focus is really just to make their money back from the previous owners that couldn’t afford these vehicles.

Within an internet car auction resource, many of the vehicles found at the auto auctions are no more than 2-3 years old and are in decent shape. Some of these resources provide over 4000 live auctions across the U.S. There are listings in every state so there is no need to travel to other states just to get to an auction.

There are many features and benefits using an internet car auction resource:

- Immediate & unlimited access – Thousands of government auctions across the United States – A complete guide to teach you all about auctions – Auction tutorials – Support – You get to save thousands when purchasing a vehicle – Vehicles 95% off book value with clean titles

Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make and using an internet car auction resource is a good way to find vehicles at lower prices. They will save you time and money as compared to other ways to find auctions near you. It also doesn’t help that many of these auto auctions are not advertised very well either.

If these auto auctions were advertised more then there would also be more competition. So its good these auctions are not advertised a lot because it lowers the competition, but bad in terms of trying to find an auction near you. This is one of the reasons why internet car auction resources are available and not many people know about them.

An internet car auction resource that has help many people in purchasing there vehicle at very low prices is Once a member you will have unlimited access to a full database on where these auto auctions are located along with online auto auctions as well.

Many people are satisfied with not only because they have vehicles they brought at low prices but they learned how to become better at bidding at these auctions with the information they teach you in It’s time for you to start saving thousands on all your vehicle purchases at

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How Are Internet Live Auctions Different From eBay?

When most people think of placing a bid online, they tend to think of eBay instead of live auctions. Our familiarity with eBay can make it difficult to understand the differences and benefits of online auctions. However, upon closer inspection, Internet live auctions give bidders more control in the auction process.

eBay and Proxy Bidding

eBay auctions generally work on a system of proxy bidding. This means that when you place a bid, you are stating the maximum amount you would like to pay for the item. eBay’s system then bids for you based on computer-defined increments.

What this means is that if you enter a maximum bid of $50 for a watch that is listed for 50 cents, eBay will automatically begin your bid at $1. If someone else bids $1.50, eBay will bump your bid to $2. All of this takes place without your input.

Although it is possible to update your bid, the common practice is to place your bid and walk away on the assumption that your maximum bid is what you think the item is worth.

Bidding at Live Auctions

In contrast, live bids must be placed by an individual. For example, the same watch at one of these auctions may also have a starting bid of 50 cents. The auctioneer will ask auction participants if anyone is willing to bid $1.

The auctioneer will continue asking for more bids until no one is willing to go beyond the highest bid. So for live auctions, there are really no maximum bids unless someone submits an absentee bid.

An absentee bid is a sealed bid that is submitted before the auction begins. In it, the bidder writes down his maximum amount. In some ways, this is similar to eBay, except that the bid cannot be changed once the auction begins.

The Best of Both Worlds – Internet Live Auctions

Real time auctions work almost like a combination of eBay and traditional online auctions. They are similar to eBay in that users can enjoy bidding from home without having to drive to an auction house. They are also similar because bidders have the option of submitting absentee bids.

The similarities end there. Instead of individuals selling their merchandise, Internet live auctions are presented by established auction houses. Auction houses act on behalf of individuals, estates, or companies to sell items as quickly as possible.

The real difference between eBay and online live auctions lies in the bidder’s control. Instead of placing a maximum bid and seeing what happens, people bidding on real time auctions interact with auctioneers as if they were on the auction floor.

Although computers are involved in the bidding process of live auctions, they are only there to facilitate communication between Internet bidders and the auctioneers. There is nothing mechanical about the process.

By mixing technology with tradition, online live auctions are powerful tools for helping buyers get what they want at a price that makes them happy.

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